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Where do I begin? I was serviced by Seterus which is a slime company.

They just lost a suit for forced insurance and are not being charged by the DOJ for defrauding FNMA. Even though FNMA knew what was going on they still didn't do anything about complaints about Seterus who was doing much more and may now also be investigated for bank fraud. But they may not be much different than Seterus, just as slimy. They are using inaccurate MERS information to take homes.

MERS, set up by the banks, is the Mortgage Electronic Registration System. It was developed so they wouldn't have to go to the county clerks to register deeds in home sales. MERS has been fraught with problems which have been known about since the housing crisis for errors. They haven't fixed the problems which is basically negligence.

They still have errors all over the place. FNMA is trying to take my home using a Quiet Title suit. This is looking for deficiencies to in the deed so they can take possession saying I don't have to be here since the deed isn't valid. They are taking advantage of MERS errors, which they know it's their mistake from when they entered in the new deed information when I refinanced my home.

I had no way of ever knowing their were problems. I was never provided with a new title. So I'm being punished for something I had nothing to do with. MERS registers every deed in the country.

Millions of homes are sold every year. Even if a FNMA, another agency, another lender aren't trying to take your home it could affect you when you go to sell your home. There could be hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of deeds with deficiencies, even yours. Check your deeds.

You may also file Quiet Title suits against your mortgage holders to get your home free and clear but you have to beat them to the punch. They could do it to you at any time... I am fighting it. I have the FBI investigating something related and the agent may have someone for me to speak to in the DOJ.

I'm also talking with one of the top mass tort law firms in the country about taking on this as a class action since I've been told by a lawyer he has 3 clients that are fighting the very same thing, and probably some of you are as well. He's also had other's approach him to defend against this and expects more. This likely a wide spread and growing problem. I'm also discussing this with advocacy groups like the ACLU to go after this.

At the very least, I'm trying to get an injunction in federal court against them using MERS information in any kind of legal action due to known problems with their quality control and accuracy. Also a civil rights violation for equal protection under the law. If anyone has or is going through this, contact me. The more people I can show this is happening to, the more these firms, groups and agencies are to take this on.

If we get the injunction, we stop this cold from every lender in the country.

Contact me at Together we can stop this heinous practice of punishing people for something they had nothing to do with and were not going to know there was a problem with.

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just signed and it gave me the shark name lol changed it. I am the one asking if you are still working on the Seterus case?


Are you still working on this?

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